Bangkok - Our New Homebase

10 days ago, we became Bangkokians. Which is a terrible name, but the internet assures me it's the appropriate moniker. So far, we've achieved several milestones, such as visiting IKEA ("ick-ee-yah" here rather than "eye-kee-yah" in the US), acquiring monthly mobile plans (about $11 worth), and figuring out how to order pizza delivery. Ah yes, we're completely immersing ourselves in local Southeast Asia culture, to be sure.

But we're not done traveling.

Not at all. In fact, we have to travel every month. We're still on tourist visas, which only allow us to stay for 30 days at at time. On or before that, we have leave the country. The good news is that around a dozen countries are a short plane ride away, giving us plenty of opportunities for continued exploration.

It is nice, however, to actually unpack our suitcases. Even more nice is the prospect of traveling to Vietnam, Cambodia, or Singapore with nothing but a backpack for an entire week.

And then let's not forget travel right here in Thailand. It's a huge country, and we've only explored a relatively small portion to the south. Chaing Mai, Pai... these are "must visit" places on many frequent travelers' lists, now super-easy for us to get to. 

Finally, there's the exploration of Bangkok itself! Just like every other giant, sprawling metroplex, each neighborhood and subsumed city has it's own distinct personality, hidden gems, and attractions. Just getting through the dizzying array of food alone will take up a lot of our time!

So no, the travels are not over. And neither are the stories. Bangkok is the new springboard for our ongoing adventures, not a place where we'll "settle down". Because seriously... Do we seem like settle-down people to you?

Cheers from Bangkok!