Way Off The Beaten Path In Chumphon Thailand

We didn't spend a lot of time in Chumphon, which isn't all that unusual for "farang" (that means foreigner). For us, Chumphon was merely a way-point to another destination. But it's the kind of place we wouldn't mind spending a little more time in.

Since we had several hours to spare before our ferry took us to the island, we let Google Maps guide us around the city. Talk about an adventure! What looks like a nice, big street is often times little more than a path, often with a gate (thankfully open) at one end. You might squeeze a motor scooter through, but there's no way a car could pass. Does Google point out the difference? Nope. Because this is Thailand.

One such path led to a suspension bridge over a river. A bridge with holes in the planks -- or missing planks all together. The walk over was a little terrifying for us, but not to the young monks jumping from the center to the murky water some 15 meters below. Or the locals who didn't bat an eye as they drove their motor scooters quickly across the full span. Gulp. 

Chumphon certainly has it's charm. So if you're traveling through (not unusual if you're visiting any of the islands on the gulf-side), plan on spending a few hours here. Bonus points if you hang out at Farang Bar, where you can tell Ivor you're a friend of ShEvo's. (On second thought, don't do that. It's quite possible we left an open bar tab there. Oops!)