Why Hong Kong Is A Great Walking City

We've done a whole lot of walking during the eight months we've been abroad. I'm not saying I'm Kwai Chang Caine, but I've walked me some earth. Each of us are down about a dozen pounds or so. We credit much of that to how much we walk in every country we visit.

The Hopewell Center is walking-tourist friendly and gives a great view of the city!

The Hopewell Center is walking-tourist friendly and gives a great view of the city!

Hong Kong is a great walking city. Wide sidewalks, plenty of pedestrian crossings, and a driving public that has to deal with foot traffic at all hours of the day. It's laid out in a grid pattern (at least it has been on Hong Kong Island) with an innovative series of semi-hidden stairways to help you get up the serious hills. (And if the hills are too much, just wave down an ever-present taxi or hop on a bus. Neither are expensive.)

The problem (well, one of them) is that there's too much to see. And not all of it is easy to find on Google Maps. Pre-set tours are the way around this, but we're not big on trudging down the street with a dozen or more other people. We like traveling on our schedule, as slow or as fast as we want. More often than not, we find interesting things to look at between pre-set tour stops. Not that we know what those interesting things are called. Only that they are interesting. We take a pile of pics, then wind up Googling later on to see if we can reverse engineer the experience we just had. It doesn't always work. But it's always a lot of fun!

And there are lots of nooks and crannies to explore in Hong Kong. We only made it to about half the destinations set out on the excellent City Walks app given to us by GPSMyCity, simply because we got sidetracked by a cool looking shop or colorful street that begged further exploration. Luckily, we're here for a little over a week longer, so we'll try and get at least one of their suggested walking tours knocked out!


Want to try out one of their walking tours on your next trip? We'll give you a free download code for the same version of the full app we used. If you love it, they have over 470+ cities in their database, so you're sure to find one for your next trip -- or maybe discover things about your own city you didn't even know! 

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Get to commenting, and get out there and walk!