This Stinks! Mysterious Rolling Rubber Found In Thailand

From little drips to large white mats, rubber is big business in Thailand!

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  • EVO: Greetings from the past! While we're busy collecting content for the second season of The Opportunistic Traveler's podcast, we're releasing some previously un-aired clips as to not leave you hanging.

  • SHE: Like this one. Rubber trees are a big crop in Thailand. In this clip, we stop at one roadside rubber tree grove and inspect the raw product. The third voice you'll hear is Camille, our host for the three months we spent in Thailand.

  • [rubber trees]

  • EVO: Every time we drive by a grove, which is any time we leave town, I can't help but sing "Everyone knows an ant can't move a rubber tree plant". Thanks for that 40+ year old ear bug, Mom. Cheers from... oh, let's just go with southeast Asia. That's probably accurate.

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