Riding the Rails in Vietnam - Part 2

We're eight days into the journey, and thus far aren't hating our decision to see all of Vietnam by train. In our experience, the trains have run on-time -- even late at night. Having already experience a 3+ hour delay -- in the middle of the night -- during our one train trip in Thailand, we were a little worried. But they've ran solid. (Thanks, communism!)

But we've made a couple of mistakes, and both of them impact you directly. The first is that we're just not spending enough time in the cities we visit. For the type of content we like to produce -- and you like to consume -- we need a couple weeks, not a couple days. The second is that overnight trains = little sleep. We've got our own bunks, and the swaying of the train certainly does rock us to sleep. Or it would if the train wasn't so damned noisy, there was at least a breeze to keep the sweat from nearly drowning us, and our fellow passengers didn't talk at the top of their lungs to be heard over the rickety train sounds. We're getting roughly 2-3 hours of sleep at night, which makes for some worn-out content creators who'd rather lounge by the pool the next day rather than dig into the city.

But all that bitching aside, we are having a great time, meeting great people, and gathering at least some good content. Da Nang was particularly and unexpectedly fantastic. We met an Austrian and Filipino separated by probably two decades but united by music. We became fast friends, got invited to a couple of their gigs, and wound up sitting in the owner's private sections of one of the clubs they played. And now they want me to move to Da Nang and play bass for them. Yeah... only us, right? Here's just one of the videos I broadcasted via Periscope that night to capture part of the moment.

Check out our Katch.me account for more of these, as most of you readers are sleeping when I'm broadcasting in Periscope.

We recorded two short "Video Diaries" in Da Nang, which I'd hoped to get up while we're in Da Nang, but that didn't happen. The first is of our fantastic (and super cheap) hotel room overlooking the beach and entire city, and the second is the two of us rain-drenched after a(nother) death-defying motor scooter adventure. Which I'm sure you're getting tired of hearing about.

And now... we're in Nha Trang. And we're surrounded by Russians. They are legion in this town. Here's a 'Scope from the beach:

We've decided to not try and see all of Nha Trang. Instead, we need a little downtime. So we're sticking close to our hotel (again fabulous and cheap) and doing little in the way of adventure. Hopefully I'm recharged enough tomorrow to get back in the blogging swing... because there have been so many great stories to tell!

But first: beer, food, and sleep. Not to much of the first. Plenty of the second. And as much of the third as I can soak up