Recapping Our Week In Ko Tao

Yes, we think we're crazy for trying to go down that road, too.

Yes, we think we're crazy for trying to go down that road, too.

Tonight is our last night on the lovely island of Ko Tao. We've had a fabulous time and have tried really, really hard to soak in as much of it as we can without worry about content creation. Oh, don't get us wrong. We've been capturing a boat-load of content, but the heavy-editing we do to actually create a piece? That'll come later. Probably while we're on our 15-day train ride through Vietnam.

No, it actually starts now. I'm penning this while I wait for about a dozen videos to finish rendering. I've embraced Periscope as an in-the-moment sharing platform. It's a heck of a lot of fun, but not all that fantastic when I'm 14 hours off of your calendar. So that you don't miss out, I'm creating a special YouTube playlist for the good stuff that was shared on Periscope. And we shared a lot on this trip.

Hey, I know you're not a fan of vertical video. But it works in this medium. I'm not abandoning the traditional view any time soon. Here's proof of that in this video of the two of us having to literally push our motor bike up a crazy steep hill that we never should have went down in the first place.

Sheila's next to me, furiously editing a few hundred photos of the thousand or so she took in the last week. You've probably seen a few on Instagram already. But watch her Flickr stream if you want to see the firehose of images that trip her trigger, or follow her on 500px if you want just the great and on-brand choice shots.

We both have in-progress blog posts to capture. And we've got some great ideas for season two of the podcast. But most of all, we have editing to do, so we're gonna do it! Thanks for following along on the adventure. Cheers from Thailand!