Super-fresh seafood at Albomar in Noia

Don't get me wrong, the chorizo was out of this world. But this is Galicia, and great chorizo is table-stakes for any restaurant worth its salt. What set Albomar apart was their fried calamari. Yes, I know you've had fried calamari before. And yes, I know you've found some restaurants that manage not to over cook it. Lots of those in this part of Spain, too.

But at Albomar, it was fall-apart flaky and good, almost like a firm fish. By not chewy, we mean NOT CHEWY in the slightest. Almost freaky great. And their breading was fantastic and light, adding to the experience.

If you find yourself in Noia, make the trek just south of the main square. Cross the bridge, and look to your right. It's hiding there, quite unassuming. But you'll love it!