A Taste at La Tasquita A Tasquiña

Galicia is thick with places to grab a quick meal. Only don't show up at noon, as that's not the time for eating. We didn't know that when we first arrived, so our choices at La Tasquita A Tasquiña were a little on the light side. However, the food was delish.

Sheila had her normal fare of fried squid. It was excellent! Not rubbery at all. I went for what sounded like (and definitely was) an awesome breakfast: eggs with ham and potatoes. What I got was a bed of french fries onto which two over-medium fried eggs were lain (laid?). They, in turn, were topped with some shaved jamón serrano (think prosciutto, but better.) Fantastic doesn't quite do it justice. If all ham and eggs with potatoes were served this way, I'd never order anything else for breakfast ever again. For reals.