Starting Our Slow Travel in Thailand's Rainy Season

There are two ways to have an experience beyond the typical tourist when traveling. One is to visit in the offseason, when much of the touristy stuff is often shut down as they await the season to return. Another is to visit places that aren't setup for tourism, lacking theme parks, large resort-style hotels, and other trappings found a few hundred kilometers away.

Blending both of those tricks into one is for the hardcore. Or insane. Yet that's what we're doing over the next three months. It's the rainy season, which means the winds have shifted, bringing winds and rains directly from India across the Andaman sea almost every day. This causes dangerous conditions for the dive boats, so the dozen or so dive/charter shops literally close up for six months, taking their European clients with them. The surrounding hills are lovely and would likely make for some amazing hikes with breath taking views ... if any of them had developed trails. They don't. As I said, there isn't any tourism here (beyond diving) to speak of.

But we're loving it so far, being fully immersed in the local culture. Traveling by scooter, eating amazing food, and enjoying the slow travel lifestyle. We'll get settled into our routine in a few days, dedicating plenty of time to bring you pictures, videos, and even a few surprise stories of our experiences in Ranong, Thailand.

ไว้เจอกัน from Thailand!