We're Being Totally Unfair to London

I'm penning this post from Luton airport, just outside of London, while we await our flight to Milan, Italy. This trip marks the third time we've been in London, and we've very little in the way of content to show for it. Certainly no podcast episodes. Not even a blog posts other than those specific to the conference I spoke about. And no, not a One Minute Memories video. That's a little... odd. What kind of travel bloggers are we, anyhow?

How we've treated London is partly to blame. It's only been our destination once, and that was more for work than pleasure. The times before that, London was a stop-over on our way to somewhere else. We're not the drive-by-review style of travel bloggers, preferring the more experiential style of content creation. It takes time to really get to know a place. And it takes time to have the experiences that make for a good story. 

And then there's the fact that... well, it's London. We've had a fine time here, but as a destination, it's pretty well covered. We like the odd-ball places no one has ever heard of as the back-drop for our content. And London is already well covered ... by everyone. Yes, there are all sorts of interesting niches we could have explored, but see the paragraph immediately preceding this one. It takes time.

So instead of trying to get to it all, we did just a few things, spending plenty of time with our gracious host, magician and author John Lenahan. He took us to the beeryist pub in London and out for some amazing Indian food, then played the part of chef, concierge, and landlord as we used the time to get a little work done. We did get out to meet up with freelance writer Martyn Casserly, whom we hadn't seen in nearly a decade. (Thanks for lunch, Martyn!) 

But we owe it to the city, or at least a portion of it, to do it proper justice. To do that, we'll need more time, and we just didn't have it for this leg of the tour. Sadly, Milan is probably going to be more of the same, as we're only spending four days there before we head to Thailand. That's a three month (or more) trip, so we'll have plenty of time to collect the sorts of experiences we need to bring you the content you've come to expect.

Cheers from Luton Airport!