The Church House

We didn't plan on going to The Church House... but I had to pee. And since I only pee at the golden arches without spending some money, I had to have a pint.

This pub is adjacent to the Cathedral in the middle of town. Obviously, right? Well... the interior has a whole "death/vampire" theme to it. Skulls, ravens and roses above the bar. A coffin in the corner. Yeah. Weird.

It's where the aging rockers hangout, with live bands belting out a mix of classic rock and metal favorites. It's hard to tell who's in the band, who's in a different band, and who really, really wants to be in a band. But everyone was friendly enough, like us old rockers are.

The beer selection won't impress anyone. The two "super cold" taps of Heineken were flowing all night long, and two of the six casks were already kicked. Bottles were predictable, and there wasn't much beyond standard fare of keg beer either. But hey, people don't come to The Church House to drink craft beer. The come for the power chords.