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Happy Easter! We hope the Easter Chicken brought you lots of chocolate eggs. Easter is a Big Deal in England, with chocolate eggs so big you'd think one of those face-sucking things from Alien might jump out. 

Signals from ShEvo - Newsletter #13

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Greetings from Sheffield!

Sheffield is a steel city. It's where stainless steel was invented, and was a key industrial town for years. Emphasis on the word was. People in England talk about Sheffield the way people in America talk about Detroit. And there are some definite similarities. But we've managed to look past the grungy exterior and found the people of Sheffield to be warm, friendly, and generally quite welcoming. We're not saying we'd like to build a summer home here, but the trees are actually quite lovely.

Our highlight from last week was playing host to the Traveling Presses, our good friends from Maryland. Their daughter, Allie, is spending a semester abroad at Falmouth University, so they came across the pond to see her. Their travel schedule worked out so that we could spend a couple days with them while they were here. Hooray for people who speak American English!

If today is any indication, spring might finally have sprung. Sure we said that last week, and Ma Nature promptly responded with rain, clouds, and wind. But now, it looks like our walks in the woods and in the city should be much more pleasant. We hope. And if not, maybe it'll be nice when we're in Spain on the 13th!

For those of you also listening to our podcast, you probably noticed that it didn't come out on Saturday. Rest assured, the podcast is continuing. We're just moving the release date to Tuesday. Doing so should give us more time to make better quality content, so we hope you're OK with the couple day delay this week. We know you need your ShEvo audio fix!
And for you Pinterest-people -- we've started a Pinterest page! We're just getting started over there, but plan on creating and curating lots of boards of where we are, where we've been, and where we want to go. Some of our boards are collaborative, so you can get involved with your pins, too!

Where we're heading next

This is our last week in England. Of course, just when it gets nice outside... On the 12th, we do a quick overnight in London, then we'll be outside of Santiago de Compostela, Spain. There we'll recharge a bit and soak up some sunny weather before we jump headfirst into this travel-blogger and travel-photographer lifestyle we find ourselves in. That'll be fun!

Cheers from Sheffield!

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