Housekeeping Notice: Podcast Publishing Moving to Tuesdays


You already know everything you need to know from the title of this post. But for those who want a glimpse inside the sausage factory, read on!

Producing and publishing an episode of The Opportunistic Travelers Podcast is a multi-day affair. 

The Process

  • Day 1 - Audio Logging: Log all the content generated the previous week. Depending on how much content we have, this can be anywhere from 1 - 5 hours. No, not kidding.
  • Day 2- Clip & Script: With fresh eyes on the audio logs, come up with the show them based around that content. Edit the choice bits and write the script for the story-telling parts. 2 - 4 hours. Yes, for a 10-minute show.
  • Day 3 - Produce: Narrate, assemble, and publish. In-Audacity work here is pretty easy. Most of the time is spent on formatting show notes, publishing on the blog, and setting up all the social shares. 2 - 3 hours.

Yes, I could (and have) squeezed all of that into day. But the show suffers from not having the mental breaks. And more importantly, I suffer from shoving that much work into a single day. And I don't want to suffer.

Having the show some out Saturday night (my time) means at least part of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are spent on show production, not content generation. And by content generation, I mean getting out and enjoying our lives as we travel the world, recording the choice bits for later introduction to The Process as outlined above. That's the easy part. But until now, I was spending arguably the funnest days of the week doing the least-fun (from and enjoying-life perspective) tasks. 

And I don't want to do that any more.

Effective now (even though this week's show is mostly done), I'm starting Day 1 of The Process on Sunday, meaning Day 3 is Tuesday. And no, not just because there's a beer festival in Sheffield I want to go to right now. I mean, there is a beer festival happening in Sheffield right now that I am going to, and I'd like to gather a little content while I'm there. And have a pint or two, of course.

See you next Tuesday!