Sheffield One Minute Memories Compilation

It's hard to believe, but I've already released 50 One Minute Memories videos on YouTube. Short and beautiful, they tell a visual and aural story about a single moment of our travels, and they do it without spoken word. To celebrate the big five-oh, I've put together a compilation video of just 10 of the Memories captured during our visit to Sheffield, England.

The Waters of Sheffield, a Compilation

Sheffield doesn't really deserve it's rap as an ugly city. Well, no more than any city that's seen it's share of boom and bust. There's real beauty here, sometimes in plain sight. One aspect: the water. It's everywhere in this city, from the city centre to the surrounding towns and hamlets. And that's the subject of this compilation video:

Individual One Minute Memories of Sheffield, England

Sheffield is where I really hit my OMM stride, posting 23 different videos. They take a little more work than I expected, but the end result is beautiful. At least I think. I hope you do, too! Oh, and you'll note that sometimes I play a little fast and loose with "one minute". Call it poetic license, if you will. I am trying to be better about sticking to the one minute limit.

From the Compliation

Here are the original 10 One Minute Memories videos used to create the compilation.

Other Memories Captured In Sheffield

There's lots more to Sheffield than just the water, obviously. The sights, the sounds, the people... beauty is all around you if you know where to look.


The little town of Oughtibridge is just a few miles to the north. Step across the "city limits" and you get a completely different vibe out of this sleepy little bedroom community.


And then there's the forest a little farther north. It's like stepping back in time.


Of course, being outside in early Spring is not without its perils in this part of the country. The weather is a bit on the unpredictable side.


Phew... it takes a long time to post 23 videos to our site. I'll be bringing you more videos aa our journey continues.