Oh, The Dumb Decisions You'll Make!

I really have no idea what I'm doing some days. Don't get me wrong; I have a clear vision for what I want this ... us, to be. Where I lack clarity is how we're going to get there. 

Case in point: I've been doing something stupid that's counter to the brand we've purposely cultivated, and I was hours away from unleashing a new stupid project that would have been equally as off-point. 

Yes, even digital strategists and storytellers can make dumb decisions. 

Listen: It's not just about content. Cranking out content is easy. And while quantity is certainly a factor, it rarely trumps quality. If it were all about fecundity, the Australian ghost moth would be the dominant species. 

Some ideas -- hell, most ideas -- aren't born fully-formed. Yes, they need to be given a chance to see if they thrive. But they also need to be put to an early death when they aren't producing or are found to be distractions. Ideas are worthless unless put into action. And even then, it turns out, many are still worthless. Kill them. Or change them. And then move on. 

Those Video Diaries I've been making? Off-brand. They'll change starting today (if it stops raining). The other dumb idea we almost implemented? Not worth talking about. It would have been a slide backward to the "two dorks and a microphone" style of content that I produced years ago. Backwards is rarely the right decision.

Welcome to the inner workings of building a brand as a startup. Adapt or die.