A Video Trip to Santiago for Fine Craft Beer!

I'm not sure we've done a great job of showing you where we are and what we do. Sure, you see Sheila's great pictures and incredible One Minute Memories. And yes, you hear our podcast every week. But that's not quite the same as being there.

In this Video Diary, we take you -- in only about 2 minutes -- on the trip from Brión to Santiago de Compostela for quick trip through the city. Well... that was the intent. Then... beer.

As you probably saw from my self-deprecating rant this morning, I've been unsatisfied with the Video Diaries I'd been producing. This one fits our brand better -- it's story telling, just just two dorks in front of a video camera. Sure, there's still plenty of dorkiness. That's not the issue. I'm not sure this one is 100% spot on, but it's a lot closer to what I want to do with video. 

What do you think? The entire things was captured and edited on my iOS device. Well, save he intro card and outro Slate. Those were done with Sheila's magic, added in later. Do the hard cuts bother you? Are the clips to long? Do you find stuff like this compelling? It felt better, but I need your feedback to tell me if I'm on point. Or maybe that I should just stick to audio?