The Angel - Pub & Restaurant

England is full of pubs that feature beers from a single brewery. They call these “tied houses” and The Angel is no exception, and Joseph Holt is the brewery. They’re (another) purveyor of Real Ale, and is all you can get on cask inside the Angel. They offered up some bottles too, and I found the Sixex to be the best of the bunch.

We ate at the Angel once and found the food was pretty tasty. Of the still-proud-to-be-a-pub-and-serve-pub-food places, it’s probably the best in town and draws a regular crowd for supper.

The Angel is also where we saw Adam Armstrong perform a couple of sets, mixing in his originals (and if you haven’t yet listened to “I’ll Do What It Takes”, watch the video) with his take on some covers, current and old school. It’s hard to remember he’s only 21 when he belts out some great tunes.