City Guide to Knutsford, England is posted!

We've just made available the City Guide to Knutsford, England... and it's our biggest one yet! Then again, we did stay three weeks in this suburb of Manchester and made quite a few friends with the locals. So it's not all that surprising we had so much more to document along the way!

If you're new to our City Guides, they aren't your typical guidebook. In fact, they aren't a book at all. Instead, they are a collection of the experiences we, The Opportunistic Travelers, had while we stayed in town. You won't find Top 10 lists from us. We're not trying to beat Wikipedia or Trip Advisor at their game. Rather, we're trying to make it easy for you to get our content, without having to search and scan multiple pages and blog posts.

And hopefully, if you find yourself traveling to Knutsford, this guide may help you make some choices on where you should go, what you should do... and who you should meet