Fillos da Malte - Craft Beer Store

The craft beer revolution is alive and well in Galicia! Fillos de Malta is a small little bottle shop specializing in both homebrew supplies and Galician cervexas atresás. We got the run-down and a few tasty beers from co-owner Jesús.

There are about 20 craft breweries in Galicia. Most of them, according to Jesús, are pretty small scale organizations. Think home brewing, but more than a few five gallon buckets, and you're probably there. But the beers these small places put out don't look anything produced in a garage. They have professional labels, and all bear the official licensing required to produce and distribute beer. Right now, distribution is quite small. However, that will change as more people in Galicia become aware of the growing craft beer movement. And maybe, as a few more traveling beer drinkers like ourselves show up and talk about the place.

We only stayed for a single beer. But we'll be back. I promised Jesús I'd drink one of everything!