Cafetería Pizzería A Fonte - Restaurant

Wet, hungry, and disappointed to find most businesses closed, we chose Cafetería Pizzería A Fonte because a) it was open and b) they had veggie pizza, a safe-haven for Sheila in a land where pork flavors everything. 

Fortune smiled upon our choice, as it turned out to be quite excellent. The landlord (dammit, I gotta get better at getting names) spoke fluent English and was able to help me select from the menu. They have a daily menu as well as the full menu. I've been around the block long enough to know that you always take the special. So I did, a lovely dish I don't recall the name of that was basically pork pieces simmered in the seasonings for chorizo served over a bed of fries. Outstanding. Best of all, my meal came with coffee (wow) and desert (tiramisu). We left fat and sassy.