cafe o sotano - Bar

I'm not sure that the lack of capitalization is intentional or not, but it seems prevalent. So if that's the way Ruben wants it, then I'll type out cafe o sotano in all lower case.

This unassuming watering hole can be a pretty lively place at night, when the locals show up, the beers start flowing, and the guitar is passed around. Yes, a guitar. Yes, it will wind up in your lap. Yes, you must at least strum something. They'll love it.

Beer, wine, coffee... plus some noxious drink that's mostly a coffee liquor and moonshine, I think. Hard to remember. Don't show up hungry late at night, because Ruben will keep bringing out tapas. No, you didn't order tapas. But you'll eat what he puts in front of you because it's damned good!