Seniorita Serenades in Spain

We arrived in Spain and, within minutes of being dropped off from the cab, we had made a new friend. And by "made a new friend", I mean that Allie (more about her later) took pity on our inability to to find the right flat. So much for Evo's mad navigation skills.

After making sure we knew where we were going, Allie invited us out to have a couple beers and celebrate a birthday. So we quickly tossed our bags in our new home for the next three weeks, and followed the cryptic directions to the bar in question. We found it (more about that later, too) and were introduced to the vast majority of the town of Brión, Spain. Soon a guitar came out and singing commenced. I captured one song on video. Gina has a great voice! (At least I think her name was Gina. Beers, remember? And I don't speak Spanish.)

It's longer than a minute and out of context from my other One Minute Memories, so I made it part of our Video Diaries instead. It's a little more produced than the ones Evo put up, as I'm learning iMovie. Video editing isn't for the weak hearted! 

Now we have some great friends in Spain. And yes, some of them speak English!