Not All American Tourists Are Assholes...

... just like not all tourists from any country aren't assholes. Wow. That was a convoluted sentence. Let me try that again.

This morning, I was greeted with the news that two U.S. tourists etched their initials into the Roman Colosseum -- yes, that Roman Colosseum -- and then posed for a selfie. [sigh]

The 21 and 25 year old California women are in some pretty hot water, as you might imagine. But they join the ranks of other idiots abroad -- Russian, Australian, and Canadian just to name a few recents -- who've decided to either add themselves to history or take a little home with them. Idiots, the lot of them.

I propose an amendment to whatever fines and punishment the judge levies, and that is public shaming. According to the news accounts, these buffoons took a selfie, and the only reason to take a selfie is to post it on social media. OK, fine. Let 'em post it. Then tell us who they are, so we can light the digital torches and pickup the electronic pitchforks. Mob rules? Maybe. But in this case, transparency might play a deterrent. It will certainly make an impression on them.

Note that I'm talking about this specific case. I've not pondered too much the slippery slope. And I'm probably hypersensitive to this issue, being an American on the road for a while. But right now, I'm all for doxxing these two fools.