The American Prince and Princess and The Peas

While we're not yet thrilled by the beer, the food in England has been surprisingly good. And sometimes, overly surprising.

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  • [confused]

  • EVO:  This week's show is going to be short and sweet. As much as I really wanted our 10th episode to be The Perfect Show, it's just not going to happen this week.

  • SHE: It's not that great things didn't happen to us this week. It just that, well... we kinda forgot to record them.

  • EVO: We, apparently, are poor audio journalists. Did we record either of the two extremely painful "sports massage" sessions I had with Rowan at Elite Health? No. We did not. 

  • SHE: Did we record us as we experience the incredibly flavorful beer and surprisingly good food we found at Brew Dog in Manchester? No. We did not.

  • EVO: Instead, we have hours of pub background noises punctuated with my incessant coughing, forty-five minutes of wind blustering across our microphones, and several sessions of us calling the dogs back from various perceived dangers.

  • SHE: (Please note that the dogs weren't really in any danger. We're good pet and house sitters, we promise!)

  • EVO: The one day - ONE DAY - we did get good audio from this week, was in the Bull's Balls. Er.. Head. Yeah. Bulls' Head. Sorry.

  • SHE: Still not funny... The Bull's Head is a lovely pub in Mobberly, England about five miles away. While we were waiting for our food, the conversation drifted, as it often does, to Evo waxing poetically about some random thought his brain wouldn't let go of. This time, the topic was ancestry.

  • [ancestors]

  • EVO: We made the short drive to The Bull's Head for two reasons: Good food, and good beer. Well... good beer by English standards. But to our palates...

  • [fear]

  • SHE: Apparently, there's a difference between Real Ale and craft beer. We're fans of the latter, but after a couple weeks, we've yet to acquire an appreciation for the former. So while the beer didn't set our tastebuds on fire, the food at the Bull's Head lived up to every expectation. Evo raved about the bangers and mash, and I loved every bit of my fish and chips. And then... something strange happened that we're still coming to terms with.

  • [peas] 

  • EVO: So... yeah. Peas. See? You're changing our tastebuds already, England 

  • SHE: Two things before we go: We're busy filling out postcards for everyone who signed up in February. Going forward, that's our plan: to get all of the postcards sent out by the first weekend on the next month. So if you've been waiting, they're on the way! If you signed up in March, your postcard will be in the batch we send out the first week of April. Thanks for your patience as we figure all this out. And if you haven't yet signed up, go to Do it this month so we can include a card to you in our early April send.

  • EVO: Lastly, we're thrilled you're keeping up with us, hearing our voices, seeing the pictures, and all that. But... the door should swing both ways. With the exception of a handful of family or business connections, we really haven't had a two-way dialog with our friends since we left. I won't go so far as to say we're homesick, but it would be nice to hear a few familiar voices now and again. So if you're up for Skype, Hangout, or some other magical telephonic way we can get a little face time together, hit us up. Because we miss you. Cheers from Knutsford!

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