Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

OK, we're a little past the average age of staying at a hostel. Still, we decided to give it a go. Surprisingly, we actually enjoyed most of it. Good job breaking stereotypes, Copenhagen Downtown Hostel!

The rooms were small, but quite clean. The cleaning staff -- no, they don't clean the rooms every day -- were present most of the time, and did an excellent job keeping the common areas (shared bathrooms, for instance) quite clean, even with frequent use by people with, er... questionable hygienics. 

The front office staff was quite helpful. The bar was always packed, and they let anyone use the kitchen to store food, make a sandwich... whatever you like! It was a little noisy, but that's also to be expected. Plenty of activities are always planned, and if you don't meet anyone interesting, that's probably your own fault.

I'm not sure we're going to be using hostels again anytime soon, but if I needed one in Copenhagen, I'd happily go back to the Copenhagen Downtown Hostel!