One Week, Three Beds!

The last week has been one of transition -- physical, mental, branding... there's a LOT to talk about. So enough with the preamble, Evo.

Signals from ShEvo - Newsletter #12

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Greetings from Sheffield, England!

One week, three beds. Whew! After saying goodbye to our friends -- human and furry -- in Knutsford, we made our way to Manchester for two things: quality beer and a quick overnight. Originally, we were going to do three things, but the first thing ran a little long (there's a lot of good beer in Manchester, but now a lot less) and blended into the second. The third -- going to a movie -- wasn't in the cards. Instead, we spent the morning nursing a mild hangover over a great breakfast.

After that, we made the drive to Halifax, where brand storyteller Matthew Turner graciously offered us his place to us for a couple of days. Halifax is a beautiful town, but be sure you bring a tiny, tiny car. It's on the side of a steep ravine and sports narrow roads lined with imposing stone walls. Visibility? Who needs it.

Matthew gave us a tour of York, a walled city not far away that is home to the largest gothic cathedral in northern Europe. It's rather impressive, if not downright imposing. We walked the walls, explored a few pubs, and generally tried to stay out of the ever-present rain.

For the last few days, we've been in Sheffield, a large industrial town with deep ties to the steel industry. Actually, we're about five miles north of the city center in a small town called Wharncliffe Side. We've large forests to the east and west of us that we're aching to explore. You know, once it stops raining. While we wait, we're playing catchup and settling into our housesitting routine.


We've made significant strides in our rebranding efforts. This newsletter is still called "Signals From ShEvo" and will likely not change anytime soon. But the other media we're producing -- the podcast, the city guides, and the videos -- have all be updated. If you haven't seen them yet, check out:

Speaking of that... you might have noticed that we've switched from to Yes, the new one is a lot harder -- and longer -- to type. The good news is that the old URLs still work. Thanks to SquareSpace (of which I love 99%) and their modern architecture, both domains work perfectly fine. So type whatever you want, and don't worry about updating any links you might have made previously.

Finally, we created branded social properties for The Opportunistic Traveler. We personally post a lot of stuff on our social properties, and the #TOTs stuff (that's a terrible hashtag) was getting buried. So we've created a Facebook Page, Twitter account, and Google+ Page that will aggregate content and make it easier to discover for those who'd like to keep up with The Opportunistic Travelers in the social sphere..

Where we're heading next

We'll still be in Sheffield next week, but our attention is on Spain. The first order of business is figuring out how we'll stay connected, as there's no easy internet access. We'll probably buy a wifi hotspot when we arrive. We're also thinking about the later part of that trip when we're at TBEX, the top travel blogging conference the world over. What to where, where to go, who to meet... now that we're "officially" travel bloggers/podcasters/photographers/videographers, we need to get deeper in the industry. Hooray for change!

And during all of that Evo's busy prepping for his keynote at UnGagged, a marketing "unconference" the end of May in London. Tickets to the show are still avialable, and if you use "EVO" at checkout, you'll get a discount. If you're a marketer, it's an intimate conference you'll want to attend. 

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