Opportunistic Social Sharing

One thing neither of us have a problem with is sharing on social media. We're both early adopters and rampant sharers across a variety of networks. If anything, we share too much on social media.

With our rebranding of this site to The Opportunistic Travelers comes a chance to do some consolidation in the social sphere. Here's what we have for you:


We've been getting a lot of engagement when we post our ShEvo -- now The Opportunistic Travelers -- content on Facebook. Shares, comments, likes... and video views are through the roof. Huh. I guess you people like your Facebook. Fine. We'll play.

We'll use the new FB page as a central FB repository for all "officially branded" TOTs content. That's podcast episodes, City Guides, One Minute Memories... and whatever else we come up with that carries our new brand. We'll post it first to this FB Page, and then we'll share it out on our personal profiles. Probably. 

This should make it much easier to catch up on our produced content if you missed it in your stream. Yes, you could have always just gone back to the website, but Facebook has a deep gravitational well, so that's hard for some of you. No sweat. We can adapt. And we have. If you've not yet Liked the page... WTF not?


Twitter is best as a fire hose. The two of us lead pretty scattered lives on Twitter, so we've set up a brand new Twitter account to aggregate all of the fun stuff we're doing. Yes, it will include all the "official" TOTs content. But you'll also see various images and other things from a variety of social networks aggregated through this feed. If we can get it done, this account will be the repository for everything we're producing. Overwhelming? Sure. But it's Twitter, right?


Before you give me shit for doing more on Google+ -- shut the hell up. There's a sizeable group of people who, like me, made the switch to G+ and are quite happy. I'm less enamored these days, but it's still a viable property. We'll be adopting the same policy on Google+ as we have on Facebook: Officially sanctioned TOTs content only. For now. But that might change. Hell, all of this might change.

So that's it. Pick a profile/page/account and follow it, if that's your thing. We'll keep updating this site will lots of goodness. Cheers from the road!