City Guide for Brussels, Belgium posted!

The latest City Guide from The Opportunistic Travelers is for Brussels Belgium! We only spent four days in the city, but tried to make the most of it. Sidar took us to lots of great places, and this handy online guide is the living proof!

Unlike physical guidebooks and even electronic guide books, the City Guides from The Opportunistic Travelers -- hey, that us! -- is much less a road map of what you should do, and more a lasting chronicle of what we did! Think of it as an app... which we probably should make. But for now, use this section as a handy collection of all the great things we did in Brussels, Belgium, without having to search through all of the blog posts, pictures, etc. of our visit. 

This digital City Guide is a free way for you to experience what we experienced, even if you never make it to Brussels. Enjoy!