A Lovely Day In York

Yesterday, we spent a lovely day in York. Our tour guide was author, speaker, and brand storyteller Matthew Turner. The weather mostly cooperated, if you ignore a couple of light rains and chilly temps as the front rolled across the island. Early spring in England is a brisk one.

York is a walled city, with the giant Minster cathedral at the center. It's. Huge! Not being much on religious touring, we walked about half of the wall before we found a good spot for a selfie.

It's bigger than it looks!

It's bigger than it looks!

We grabbed a quick bite at Hungry Artist, a lovely coffee shop and sandwich bar near the town center, where we were surrounded by naked women. No, really. The artwork on the walls of the room featured nudes in various forms and styles. All quite nice, save one. But then again, I'm not your best art critic. Food? Exceptional. And Matthew seemed pleased with the coffee.

Sheila and I opted for water, because our next stop was Pivni, an outstanding pub a block away. They had a selection of "real ale",  but we went to their extensive bottle collection. Actually -- cans. Beavertown Brewing is becoming a favorite of ours. I'm looking forward to visiting them when we're in London.

From there... we mostly wandered. Down to the river to the Kings Arms, or "the pub that floods" as it's know. The beer selection was meh, but the interior was quite interesting. It's set for the next flood, which mostly covers the downstairs area -- all of it -- and hits about every couple years. No kidding.

Sheila will get around to editing the pile of pictures she took. And she has a few One Minute Memories from the train, station, and around the city. We're traveling to Sheffield today, so she'll get to those when she's stationary for a bit.

Cheers from Halifax!