On The Move!

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Signals from ShEvo - Newsletter #11

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Greetings from Knutsford, for the last time!

Well, the last time on this trip. The locals have adopted us, so we'll likely be back to visit some of our newfound friends. 

We're on the move a lot this week, so this newsletter will be brief. In fact, I've just decided to do it in bullet point format. So it's even briefer! (If that's a word. And if not, I just made one.) Here's what we did last week:

  • The clouds broke long enough for us to see the eclipse!
  • We're headed to TBEX in Spain, the top industry conference for travel writers.
  • We rebranded our podcast. It's now called The Opportunistic Travelers Podcast, which should make it a bit easier to explain to people. Are you listening?
  • We visited a radio telescope.
  • Four different musicians dedicated songs to us at Open Mic Night
  • Sheila started publishing One Minute Memories. They're short videos that are more like a photograph with a soundtrack behind them. If you haven't seen them yet, check them out and tell her what you think.

Where we're heading next

Right now, we're in Manchester, on our way to Leeds for a couple of days before we hit Sheffield, our next housesitting assignment. That's where we'll catch up next week!

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