Traveling Rocks. Travel Booking Blows.

I know this will come off as an extreme case of First World Problems, but I hate booking travel. It's a necessary evil that goes with this near-constant travel lifestyle we've adopted, and I absolutely hate it. To me, is the classic example of the tyranny of choice, and it pretty much ruins my entire day.

Yesterday, we (finally) booked our passage from the UK to Spain and back again. It sucked, and I abandoned the process in a fit of rage letting Sheila sort it out. After that I zoned out on TV, having zero desire to even look at my laptop again. Today, we have to book a quick excursion during that time, and this week, we'll probably be booking travel to southeast Asia if all goes well. When means two more days where I'd like to punch every single travel site right in the face.

What I really want is an intelligent system that can learn my preferences and travel style -- no early departures, find a cheap but good overnight near the airport, build in some padding to see the area on connections, no arrivals after 9:00 at night, etc. -- and truly plan a travel agenda.

Huh. I think I just describe a travel agent. Or a personal assistant. Can I get one of those to go?