Pierre Ledent - Macarons

Macaroons -- or Macarons in Belgium -- are little candies/cookies that look a lot like tiny hamburgers made of Play Doh. They're all the rage in Europe, but I've always met them with a shrug and a meh. They just don't look all that appetizing to me, so I've skipped them. Yes, I know they are a couple of cookies surrounding some sort of creamy filling. They just didn't seem like something for me.

I was very, very wrong.

Macarons, at least those from Pierre Ledent, are little tastes of heaven. The cookies are of the lightest and crispiest goodies I've ever had. And the sweet filling is extremely rich, but not in a thick, syrupy sort of way. According to Sidar, our guide, this places makes the best ever. So to reward him for letting us stay in his place rent free, we bought him a box. And of course, he gave us some. Amazing! And don't let the green of the olive oil macarons put you off. Fantastic!