The ShEvo Experience Heads to Thailand!

It's official! We're spending the longest leg of our journey (thus far) in Ranong, Thailand! It's pretty far away from the hustle-and-bustle of Bangkok or Phuket, but nicely apportioned enough so we'll have the conveniences we're used to. Like grocery stores, restaurants, and wifi.

It'll be great to be right on the beach. But don't get too terribly excited -- we're in Thailand right in the middle of the rainy season. Yes, that means we could have a monsoon or two -- real monsoons, not the haboobs we called monsoons in Phoenix -- and should expect rain every afternoon. And though the humidity will be quite high, the temp won't be crazy. 30 C sounds lovely to a couple of desert-dwellers who've managed 40+ C on a regular basis. That, and Sheila needs the humidity.

We should have plenty of free time to explore, and we'll get around on a little mini-bike. Our visas -- yes, we had to get actual visas to stay this long -- will allow us up to three different "entries" into the country. We'll need at least two, as we have to get out on or before 60 days is up, or we risk hefty fines. So we'll probably make an overnight in Myanmar (you know it as Burma) to satisfy our exit requirements.

Other than that, no real plans. We've a single cat to look after, and some minor maintenance stuff at the place we're watching while the owners are away on holiday. But free time should be the order of the day.