Shrunken Shorts - The Sequel

If you've done any international traveling, or been at various summer locations that draw many non-U.S. travelers, you've probably noticed the propensity for large men to wear tiny strips of cloth over their dangly bits. This, I have discovered, is out of necessity, and not a completely missing sense of modesty. Well, maybe some of that last part.

Traveling internationally requires forethought and planning as to not over pack. International travelers are very good at getting down to a single suitcase. The prevalence of ultra-low-budget airlines and their horrendous bag fees have instilled a sense of space-consciousness that we just don't have living States-side. Over time, living in these conditions, you learn to save space -- and therefore money -- by packing less.

Sometimes, it's the size of an item, not the item itself, that can be reduced. Take swimsuits, for example. When I was a kid, I was on a swim team. So naturally, I wore a Speedo. We moved out of the city to a tine, shit-hole of a town not long after that, and the locals had a field day with my banana hammock. It's a good thing I had a developed a healthy "I don't give a shit what you think" attitude early in life. Perhaps this helped.

In the states, mens trunks are huge. Well... mine isn't. At least not anymore. The photo you see shows the two new suits I picked up as compared to the parachute-esque version that will no longer be taking up a crazy amount of space in my bag. Of course, my bags have less space now. Eh, I'll manage. (Edit: I just realized I'm writing this from Knutsford. #perpetually12)

No, these new styles aren't quite nut hugger level. But I may be skirting close to budgie smugglers, as they say in Oz. Luckily, I've lost weight on this trip. Now that I only have these to wear, I've incentive to keep it off.