Managing the Menagerie

Now that's odd. We've been in England five days, and still haven't had fish and chips. Well clearly that has to change. But first... 

Signals from ShEvo - Newsletter #8

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Cheers from England!

We're back to menagerie management duties for the three weeks we're in Knutsford, England. A couple of feisty hounds named Pablo and Claudia require the most attention. But though they're furry balls of energy, they are amazingly well behaved. Having them off-leash at the local park isn't an issue at all, even if there are other dogs around. As long as you keep throwing the tennis ball, which they quickly transform into a yellow ball of slime, they're quite happy. #justkeepthrowingtheball

Of the three cats, Polo is by far the easiest. Her natural habitat is outside, only coming into eat, sleep, and mostly ignore the food beasts with opposable thumbs that can manage the door. Spooky lives up to her name, only coming out on rare occasion of dinner or to give Sheila kisses in the middle of the night. Gems is the more social, though fails to understand that retractable claws should probably retract when walking on humans.

After four other countries where English isn't the local tongue, our interaction with locals here seems somehow less exotic. It's great to be able to fully communicate, but there was a certain charm in the struggle to understand and be understood. Though we concede that charm might have been one sided. Still, there are enough oddities here to keep us on our toes, always encountering something new, and most still can't figure out just where we're from.

Speaking of new things, there are plenty of new things in this old town. Unbeknownst to us, Knutsford is one of the most affluent cities in all of England. It's part of Cheshire, as in The Real Housewives of Cheshire. That explains why there's a Rolls Royce, Bently, Tesla, and McLaren dealership in this town of a few thousand people. It's not uncommon to see a Ferrari parked on the side of a tiny street while the owner pops in to pick up a pastry. We're each on the hunt for a sugar mamma or daddy. Hey, when in Knutsford...

Who wants a postcard?

Sheila's collecting quite a pile of postcards, and we're looking forward to sending out our next batch. If you haven't yet, sign up and we'll put you on the list. Each month (and for some, each week) we send out a new batch, giving you a little something physical of our travels.

Where we're heading next

Our Knutsford house sitting assignment lasts for another three weeks, so we'll still be here. We did rent a car, er hire a car, as they say here, for our stay. No, it's not a fancy sports car. It's hard enough remembering to stay on the left. No need to bring power and speed into the equation. We'll get out to Manchester proper this week, and might even hit Liverpool while we're at it. If the weather holds. Which it won't. Because England.

Cheers from Knutsford!

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