Carpe Diem - Pub & Coffee Shop

Carpe Diem is the quaint little watering hole was the place we frequented the most while we were in town. It's always filled with locals, covering all age ranges. Everyone is quite friendly, even to a couple of Americans who don't speak the language. 

The beer selection isn't terribly exciting, but can be made so with the introduction of Picon Biere, something that must be experienced while you're in the French countryside. For wine drinkers, try a Kir, so long as you like your drinks sweet.

Also, Carpe Diem is the only place in town to get a good, if not great, cup of coffee. 

It can get a bit smokey at times, and the noise level increases as the occupancy climbs, but all of that is to be expected. It's a great place that's worth your stop!