Alex Berger - VirtualWayfarer

Alex Berger is an old friend of ours we knew back in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2011, he moved to Copenhagen, Denmark to get his Master's Degree from the University of Copenhagen. He did, but fell in love with the city... and never left. Today, he makes his home right in the thick of things, deeply immersing himself in the culture.

Alex definitely has the travel bug, maintaining the excellent blog It's filled with his writing about his wanderings about Europe, and plenty of outstanding images he's taken along the way.

Living most of his time in Copenhagen as a broke student, Alex has explored all the nooks and crannies the city has to offer in search of low-cost, high-quality dining, drinks, and more. Traveling Copenhagen with Alex as a guide is better than having a native guide. He's learned to love his adopted city and love sharing it with others!