We Made It To England!

Cheers from Knutsford, England!

I really think we're going to like it here, the reasons for which will become abundantly clear as we post the sights and sounds from around this rather affluent little town.

Getting here, we had another of those random moments of awesomeness from total strangers. As we were using the lift in Stockport station, we met a retired couple seeing of their daughter back to London. They recognized us quickly as "not local' and offered to point out the correct train for us, as the information board was on the fritz. 

As it turned out, they lived in Knutsford and were, as soon as they saw their daughter off, would be returning on the same train as us. Excellent! When we enquired (the proper spelling over here) about the availability of taxies at the station, they gave us a puzzled look and said, "but we're driving you to the house where you are staying." Bonus! We talk about that briefly in this video.

So thank you again, Sophia and James. You're kindness was most appreciated, and we hope to see you again while we spend the next three weeks in your lovely village! 

More stuff from us shall be forthcoming. I'm mostly recovered from the cold and there's a backlog of ideas we need to implement. Let's see how much I can get accomplished before the west coast of the USA wakes up. 

Cheers from Knutsford!