One Month Down, A Lifetime To Go

Young hostel lovers. Not us. Because we're not the first part.

Young hostel lovers. Not us. Because we're not the first part.

We totally missed our anniversary. No, not that anniversary. Our anniversary of when we left The States. It was a couple of days ago, and we didn't realize it until mid-day. Needless to say, neither of us bought gifts. 

It did, however, cause us to reflect on us during this time. Those close to us know we're the sticky-sweet couple that holds hands and kisses a lot, PDA (public displays of affection, not portable digital assistant) be damned. I have a handful of pet names for Sheila, only a few of which can't be uttered in polite company. And while we don't do everything together or require constant contact while apart, we work pretty well as a couple. Hence the moniker ShEvo. It fits.

I'm happy to report that one month and three days into the tour, none of that has changed. Even with near-constant exposure to one another, we've not -- perhaps yet -- seen any ill effects. Many people use experiences like these to rekindle their love or repair their relationship. Or discover that they really don't like each other that much and go their separate ways. But ours wasn't un-kindled. Paring worked just fine.

But it's not perfect. And it wasn't perfect before we left. We still irritate the other from time to time. We have our personality quirks that make the other a little stabby. But the frequency of those seems reduced, and the annoyance doesn't seem to linger. Of course, we've been at it a month. Will we still feel the way in half a year? Or will one of us purposely sabotage the other's passport, intentionally stranding them in a foreign country? Not that I've played out the scenario in my mind or anything.

Cheers from Denmark!