Malmö, We Were In You!

Call us cheaters if you like, though we prefer opportunistic. And with Sweden visible just to the east of us, we'd be foolish not to take a trip to Malmö. And record a video.

Clear skies made for a lovely day, but the wind picked up, and a chill was in the air. And while we only spent about three hours in Sweden, we found it a lovely city. The restored castle was interesting, the park lovely, and our accidental entry into Moccasin led to the best meal we've had on the trip. 

Oh, and the Swedish Kroner is an even better bargain than the Danish one. If we decide to call this place home, I'd do some research to see if it's better (READ: cheaper) to live over here. 

Tomorrow is a travel day for us, so expect little in the way of updates. Unless the trains have wifi, which many do!