It's Not All That Hostel in Copenhagen

I'm certainly not ready to call our decision to say at a hostel a bad one. It's only been one night, after all. But our hostel experience has already interesting for us, a couple of atypical clients.

Basically, it's a place to sleep. In that there are beds in the rooms, complete with sheets, pillows, and blankets. And basically, as in that's it. It's basic. Clean? Sure. Warm, too. Hell, I'd go so far as to call it cozy. 

When we checked in, we were told that there were actually three beds in the room, but we were free to use them all. I thought this odd, but I now understand that individual beds can be booked within a room at a hostel. She was letting us know that we'd have the room to ourselves. Which was nice, as I'd have reacted harshly to someone entering the room while I was sleeping.

Those three beds are bunkbeds, with the third collapsable and stored underneath the bottom bunk. With all of our stuff (and by "all" I mean only the two bags and two guitar cases we carried) there wouldn't be room enough to set up the third bed and still have any navigable floor space. 

Towels are an issue. Because we didn't bring any with us. And while the bathrooms are clean and plentiful, they are facilities-only. Luckily, we're adaptable, and like yesterday's t-shirt will have to suffice until the stores open up and we can grab a couple of those fancy microfiber travel towels

Beyond that, everything is fine. The purpose -- a cheap, safe, and clean place to sleep -- was served. The rest we can handle. It was quiet enough, the other patrons seem friendly if not a couple of decades our junior, and the staff attentive. The Copenhagen Downtown Hostel has bikes to rent, gives guided walking tours daily, and provides dinner (community-style, first-come-first-served) and entertainment nightly. Oh, and they offer free wifi, though it's spotty at best. But that's OK, as I've made friends at a couple of the co-working spots in town. They've offered to let me squat free for when I need to do some client work. Which is today, actually. 

Cheers from Copenhagen!