Traveling In an Unsafe World

Update: Our buddy Alex -- a U.S. citizen residing in Copenhagen -- has a great write-up on how he was impacted by yesterday's events. Go read it. - E.

Yesterday, some intolerant asshole shot and killed people near the Nørrreport train station in Copenhagen, just minutes after we departed the station. Ten days before we flew into Paris, two other intolerant assholes shot and killed about a dozen workers at a satirical newspaper.

I'm not going into the motivations behind the douchebags. I'm not going to rail agains the stupidity of fanaticism. And I'm not going to pine for peace and understanding. Enough and better informed people will do plenty of that.

Look: The human condition is messy. And bad shit happens everywhere. Timing and chance put us near these events on our first two stops, nothing else. And we're fine. Just like the millions of other people that live in and around the cities where this shit went down. We're fine. 

So pray, worry, fret, or generally express concern for our well being on our journey if it makes you feel better. From our perspective, it's a little unnecessary. But if it makes you feel better, go for it.

Just don't assume we're caught up in some unrest if we don't answer your urgent request for a status update right away. We're probably just enjoying the experiences of life abroad.

Cheers from Denmark!