Copenhagen Isn't Cheap!

Signals from ShEvo - Newsletter #6

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Cheers from Denmark!

Our second housesitting assignment is coming to a close. So far, we're two for two! No lost pets. No burned down houses. And no international incidents in either country!

But we've had a little inside help. Our friend Alex Berger made the move from Phoenix to Copenhagen over three years ago, and has been an invaluable guide. Copenhagen has a reputation for being expensive. And it is completely deserving of that reputation! Alex, however, knows the way around town and has shown us many places that buck the trend. That famous $10 Danish beer? Yep, it's true. But Alex led us to a tiny, smoky bar where a bottle of local beer costs about $2.50 USD. We've had huge and healthy plates of food for less than $7 USD. And if we'd have skipped the nine-dollar so-so milkshake, we could have left the fancy burger joint for about $22 bucks. And the tip is baked into the price!

(Seriously, Alex. You need to list those hidden Copenhagen food gems on a new page on your website. It's that invaluable!)

We'll spend the rest of the day with our host family, freshly back from their week skiing in the French Alps. Dinner is on us tonight, as we're continuing our trend of making Sheila's salmon tacos. It's a dish not a lot of people have had, and it's super easy to make. Plus, it's a blast hunting though the local supermarkets trying to find the various ingredients. Being flexible and creative with substitutions is key!

Where we're heading next

Tomorrow morning we pack up and move to a hostel in downtown Copenhagen. Yes, there was a bit of unpleasantness in Copenhagen yesterday, which we didn't even know we were in the thick of. It should be mostly resolved by that time, and we're not concerned in the slightest, so you should be either. Well, about being in central Copenhagen. What we are a little anxious about is our plans to stay in a hostel. We have a private room, but it's dorm-style. With bunkbeds. That'll be interesting. 

On Thursday, we'll make our way by train to Brussels. No housesitting assignment there, so we'll have 100% of our time to enjoy the city and the surrounding area. Not that we've made an plans outside of a hotel, so if you know of anyone we should meet, make a connection!

Thanks again for following along on our journey. I'll insert the obligatory link to our Patreon page, where I'm a little surprised people are mostly skipping the $1 per month pledge option. As it turns our, our friends are strange. Surprise!

Cheers from Denmark!  

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