Best Craft Beer Bars in Copehnagen

It's been a rough week here at #ShEvo HQ, so we decided to spend the night out on the town, something we've not done since we've been in Europe. And because we're us, we recorded a quick video at one of our stops.

That was from Ølsnedkeren (it translates to "beer carpenter"), a funky little Copenhagen brewpub on Griffenfeldsgade. It's the reigning champion in our book of craft beer bars in Copenhagen, filled with locals, a friendly staff of beer nerds, and an amazing assortment of their own beers that are on near-constant rotation. I compared the tap list with a picture someone took earlier in the month, and it was completely different. If my Danish is any good (it isn't, but Google Translate works well enough on their website), rumor has it that they experiment with and brew up new beers in the basement. Top notch. Best of all, the generous pours were all around 46 DKK, which works out to about $6.50 USD with the current exchange rate.

Coming in at the #2 spot is Nørrebro Bryghus. Fantastic beer, but a very different vibe. This is a very upscale Copenhagen brewery/restaurant. Think Stone World Bistro, but on a smaller scale. A good looking menu -- we didn't eat there -- and a great selection of their own beers that will please any craft beer fan. The downside? All that fancy is reflected in the price. Our two 60 cl (a little over 20 ounces) pours were 180 DKK, about $27.50 USD. But then again, they didn't balk at filling the big glass with a 8% beer.

Our third favorite is Charlie's Bar. This tiny hole in the wall feels just like a UK brew pub in Copenhagen. If you love casked beers, you'll have love having almost a dozen to choose from. They also keep a few ciders on hand and plenty of non-casked beers for those who consider casked beer "warm" and "flat". [sigh] Just like the other places, the staff is super friendly. The locals here seem to be fixtures, giving it a nice and homey feel. 

We've had two other places recommended to us, but we've not tried them out. It's a good thing we've got another four days in town. We'll report back!