How Do I Put My Brain on Sabbatical?

Image unrelated. It's just a statue of a big eye, I guess?

Image unrelated. It's just a statue of a big eye, I guess?

Over the last couple of days, I've thinking about stuff. And by stuff, I mean the digital assets that make up the ShEvo experience. Podcast episodes, videos, pictures, blog posts ... this website, our various social properties ... And to be even more specific, I'm thinking about how you interact with them, and (since I'm being honest) how I want you to interact with them.

Welcome to the brain of a digital strategist. I can't shut this shit off.

Of paramount importance to me is choice. Your choice. Any actions I take must not impinge on your ability choose what pieces of content content are for your personal consumption.

But every day -- and I mean that literally -- I hear from someone who was completely unaware Sheila and I are no longer in Arizona. I'm puzzled by odd spikes and dips on media metrics (don't get me started). I fret over the user experience we're providing, knowing it could be much, much more cohesive. And I ponder how I could better leverage our large-ish followers across our various social media properties, and just how much of a douchebag I sound like for thinking that, let alone typing it.

Yet it's the way my brain works. And it won't leave me alone. I'm off to ponder some more. And maybe take some action. And probably make another cup of coffee.

Cheers from Denmark!