Training The Dog, or Dogging The Train?

It's a bit of a stretch for that alliteration, but I'm going with it. It'll all make sense in the video.

To my east coast and international friends, traveling by train is no big deal. You're all probably wondering why I'm so fascinated by them. One reason: they work. 

That's not to say trains don't work where we're from. I'm sure they're a fine way to move freight or goods from one location to another, but they suck at moving people. Things are getting better -- hello, Phoenix Light Rail -- but they've a long ways to go. And I mean that literally and figuratively. Perhaps some day.

For us, trains have a leg up on planes, too. Sure, planes are likely a quicker way to get between long distance points. But that's not necessarily better. The who ingress/egress part of plane travel is maddening compared to that of trains. Where at least 45 minutes is required on either side of a commercial plane trip, it takes mere seconds to completely switch out the full compliment of passengers of a fully-laden train. On our coming journey from Copenhagen to Cologne, we have a 20-minute window to switch trains. We totally freaked out when we booked that, assuming we'd have to make a mad sprint to make it. But that's because we're used to plane travel. With a train, they recommend arriving at the platform two minutes before the train's scheduled departure time. Two. Minutes. Hell, that allows for an 18-minute leisurely stroll for us!

Yes, I'm fascinated by trains. Because they work!