So Far, We've Not Been Kicked Out of Europe!

Signals from ShEvo - Newsletter #2

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Look out world, here we come! Er… are?

Well… we’re here. That’s here as in not there, where there refers to the good old US of A. We’ve met our first “host” family and have come to know them as fine people, become familiar with their place we’re looking after – including the animals we’re responsible for keeping alive while they’re away on holiday. And all without speaking more than the barest of words in the local tongue. (Did you catch our latest podcast episode where we talked about that?)

This edition of our weekly(ish) newsletter will be brief, mostly because we’ve just got here, and don’t have all that much to share just yet. Speaking of sharing, some of you have asked for for some clarity on keeping up with us as we do fun filled things that may not make it to the blog, podcast, or this newsletter. So let’s start off with some utility

The ShEvo firehose

  • Because we have so many current friends and family watching, we’re doing a lot of sharing on Facebook. (That’s nothing new for Sheila, but I’ve been largely absent on Facebook for the last couple of years.) Both of our accounts – hers and mine – should let you see most of our stuff without us having to approve your friendship request, which is handy if you don’t really know us all that well.
  • I’m going a little crazy with the picture sharing on Instagram. I’ve never fully utilized this channel. Maybe now, I will.
  • The vast bulk of Sheila’s photos wind up on Flickr. She processes and uploads them in batch, so prepare for the flood gates!
  • This new lifestyle is getting me reacquainted with Twitter. Bear in mind that we’re almost a half-day ahead of you, so having Tweets go to your phone could be rather wakeful. Sorry!
  • And of course, as we discover new brews to share (the craft movement is everywhere, if significantly smaller than State-side) each of us post them to Untappd. Gotta keep up those uniques!

And yes, we have other social networks we use. But, as of right now, we’re not posting much on them about the fun we’re having while we travel the world. That might change, however.

We got by with a little help from our friends

I’ll end this week with a special note of thanks to the many who went out of their way to seek us out prior to our leaving town – or as we were leaving various towns. I know that many of you wanted to connect with us one last time, but life got in the way. We don’t hold that against you. Shit happens. And we love you just as much as the these people. (Almost.)

Debbie Walker
Vinessa and Patrick McLoud
Susan, Ron, Andy, and Emma Baier
Sam Leopoldi
Don Burnside
Kammie K
Jeff & Dannie Moriarty
Terry, April, and JJ Simpson
Sandy & Scott Klein
Bret Giles
Sandy Catour
Margie Traylor
Anthony Mills
Gabe Ramirez
Chris and Melissa Corak
Krys and Melissa Van Slyke
Ryan Gudmundson
Lacey Brown
Gloria Medina
Fred Van West
Tim Hardy
Joyce Clark
Gary & Mindy Passmore
Ruth Carter
Rich Brown
Charlie & Carolyn Cavanaugh Toft
Dani & Brett Cutler
Darrell Karp
Chuck, Donna, Liisa, and Julie Tomasi
Kreg Step
Patrick and Kristy McLean
Rebecca Joy
Robert Curran
Dave Slusher
Andy Woodward
Bruce & Julie Press
Donna Mugavero

If I’ve forgotten you, it’s probably indicative of my failing memory, lack of sleep, or simply deciding to do this at the last minute rather than malice on my part. Unless you deserved it. But feel free to send me a note decrying my error, and I’ll add you to the ledger.

That’s it for this week. Au revoir!