Of Selling, Bag Consolidation, and Destinations.

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The Selloff Continues

It’s beginning to look like squatters live here. In the last 7 days, we’ve sold both beds, the couch, most of the things other things sit on, all three TV and their respective media devices, and a bunch of things we used to use every day.

Now we feel like a couple of college kids who’ve just moved into their first apartment. We’re sleeping on an air mattress, whipping up interesting (and occasionally tasty) meals using only available stores, and watching movies from our laptop screens. All while surrounded by the odds and ends collected over 27+ years.

Among the jetsam and flotsam are four remaining items that really, really need to go.

Of course, living in such an austere setting (really, it’s not all that austere) is good prep-work for when we’re living out of suitcases for a year. Speaking of that ...

One Bag or Two?

Our plan for two checked bags and two carry-on bags each was thrown out the window this week. SAS says we get one checked bag and one carry-on bag. Sure, we can still bring the other two, but we’ll have to pay several hundred dollars in extra baggage fees for each leg of our journey. And since we’re doing this on a limited budget, we just can’t afford it. So now we figure out if we can reduce down to a single bag, find a cheaper way to send some items ahead, or see what we need to do (READ: pay) to upgrade our tickets or switch to a different airline.

Which we should do rather quickly, since we leave in just a couple of weeks!

Destination Updates

Here’s a timeline of what we know right now. And if you see anything close to where you are or will be, please reach out to us!

After that… good question. We’re shortlisted for a few other places we’ve found on Trusted Housesitters. But some of them aren’t until the summer, and some on different continents with flexible dates. So we may just tour Europe for a while once we leave Denmark. If you’re up for extended-stay houseguests, please let us know!

Thanks again for your continued support. We'll strive to be as entertaining as possible while we're on our grand adventures!

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