Of French Castles, Little Lakes, and More. Because France.

Signals from ShEvo - Newsletter #4

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The image above is from the fantastic Chanelle Sinclair, an amazing photographer from Phoenix, and the photo shoot we did with her just before we left. Ain't we cute?

Nous sommes ici

That means "we are here" in French. Because that's where we still are for the next few days, Le Haut-Corlay in France. Nice place. You should visit. When it's warmer.

You know that old saying about the weather and its propensity to alter every half hour? Not true in the Côtes-d'Armor region of France. Here, it's more like every fifteen minutes. Tops. We awoke today to a ground fairly covered in sleet. Then the sun came out. And it started to snow. Then it rained, cleared up, the wind started blowing, and now it just snowed. Again. I keep waiting for the tornados. 

Sunday is a great day for us to write this newsletter, because everything is closed. Literally. Pubs, bakery, grocery... even the convenience stores. If you need something on a Sunday, you better ask a neighbor. Because everything else is closed. Because France.

In case you've missed Sheila's photos, we're across the lake (more of a pond) from a castle. Not a damsel-in-distress-in-the-high-tower castle, but a castle all the same. It's mostly in ruin now, but it makes for a nice backdrop. Look up Le château de Corlay if you're curious. 

Our health, and the health of our charges, is holding up. I think I caught a little cold when we first arrived, and I probably passed it on to Sheila, where it developed a bit further. But the coughing seems to have died down today, so she's on the mend. Of course, our smoke-filled local pub -- yep, smoking indoors is perfectly OK here -- probably isn't helping any. We'll not go tonight, because they're closed. Because France.

Now if I can just get my back to relax and stretch out, we'll be right as rain. (No, wait. Don't say rain, or you'll tempt... Crap. It's raining again.)

Our host family returns from their visit to the UK on Tuesday, so tomorrow is housecleaning day. No, it's not the first time we've cleaned. We'll do another top-to-bottom sweep and mop, as it takes roughly 8 hours for floors to dry here. It's wet, I tell ya!

Where we're heading next

On Wednesday morning, we're up before the crack of dawn to catch a train back to Paris where we'll sight-see for a couple of hours before catching our flight to Copenhagen, Denmark. We're watching a home for a couple in Kokkedal, just outside of the city. Here's to hoping for warmer weather. Which won't happen for a while. [sigh]

Catch you next week!

-Evo (and Sheila!)

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