Favorite Continental Things & German Train Christmas Nightmare

Season 2 - Episode 08

Holy cow, how did it get to be almost a year? To recap, we'll share few of our favorite things from the three continents we've visited. And just in time for Christmas, a story of being stuck in then kicked out of a nearly abandoned German train station. Ah, there's no place like being abroad.

This week’s show comes to you from again and for the last time Brisbane, Australia. We’ve been here for two months and need to be moving on. Where? Well, that’s an interesting story.

After living the life of full-time travelers for nearly a full year, we’ve decided to explore life from the perspective of expats living full time in… Southeast Asia. Specifically, we’re moving to Bangkok at the end of the year. Our focus will shift a bit, as we haven’t had a home base in quite a while.

Still, the adventures will continue, as we keep living life abroad.

We share two travel stories on today’s program, one recorded in Thailand (but is actually about Germany) and one from our deck here in Brisbane:

1. German Train Christmas Nightmare

Music credit: Kings of Tara by Kevin MacLeod

We’ve been fans of and friends with Traveling Jackie since we were on her podcast earlier this year. She comes by that name honestly, making our 14 countries in a year seem like child’s play.

We sat down with her in Thailand and found out why she collects languages like other people collect shoes: you never know when you’re going to wind up on the wrong train, at the wrong station, at the wrong time in Germany. Here’s to the winter holidays when you don’t freeze to death from exposure!

2. Our Favorite Continental Things

Music credit: Pixelland by Kevin MacLeod

Wow. Three continents in a year. We know that’s not breaking any records, but since we’d been stuck on one for almost a century between us, we feel it’s been quite an accomplishment. To celebrate and recollect, we sat down (after a few beers) and shared our favorite things from each continent. Not surprisingly, Sheila went for the cute and cuddly. So did Evo. Sort of.

And that’s the show!

We have some exciting news. I’ve been selected as one of twelve finalists for The Art of Building photography competition. The judges received thousands of photos and paired it down to a mere twelve. A photo I took in Copenhagen is one of those finalists! Now, it’s a popularity contest and I need your vote. If I win I get €3000.00 which equates to a little more than $4000.00 USD. Please take a  moment (it really does only take a moment) and vote. Go to shevo.wtf/vote. Thanks in advance!  

Because it’s the holidays and because we’re moving to Bangkok next week, this is the last show of 2015. We’ll be back the first week of January. Maybe with a few surprises for you.

Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech.com for our theme music Upbeat Forever and all of the music used in this episode.

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